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Uses of ScaledDisplay in edu.kzoo.grid.display

Subclasses of ScaledDisplay in edu.kzoo.grid.display
 class ColorBlockDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A ColorBlockDisplay object displays a ColorBlock object, or any object with a color method, as a color block in a grid.
 class DefaultDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A DefaultDisplay draws a centered question-mark.
 class PictureBlockDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A PictureBlockDisplay object displays a PictureBlock object, or any object with a pictureIcon method, as a picture in a grid.
 class ScaledImageDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A ScaledImageDisplay uses an image read from a file to represent an object in a location in a grid.
 class TextCellDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A TextCellDisplay object displays a TextCell object (or any object with text and color methods) in a grid.
 class TextDisplay
          Grid Display Package:
A TextDisplay draws a centered text string in a grid cell.

Methods in edu.kzoo.grid.display with parameters of type ScaledDisplay
 void ScaledImageTintDecorator.decorate(ScaledDisplay sd, GridObject obj, java.awt.Component comp, java.awt.Graphics2D g2)
          Decorate the ScaledImageDisplay so that it appears tinted.
 void RotatedDecorator.decorate(ScaledDisplay sd, GridObject obj, java.awt.Component comp, java.awt.Graphics2D g2)
          Apply the rotating aspect of the decoration.
 void DisplayDecorator.decorate(ScaledDisplay sd, GridObject obj, java.awt.Component comp, java.awt.Graphics2D g2)