Homework 8 - Virtual Pest Java Applet (Extra Credit)

by Shannon Tosolt, JLPopyack & Paul Zoski

Due Date: Friday, December 6 at Midnight
Late Due Date: none


This is an extra credit assignment based on a three-part assignment. The requirements for the first part were for you to design a virtual pest and its behavior. The requirements for the second part were for you to implement the user interface and design the structure for the software that implements the behavior. The final part was to add the described behavior using JavaScript functions and statements.

For this part, you may convert your virtual pest to a Java applet.


This assignment consists of one section:

  1. A programming project (Virtual Pest as a Java applet).
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  1. Virtual Pest as a Java applet:

    You are to implement your virtual pest a Java applet. To do this, you should use the provided instructions and sample virtual pest template that has been provided for your assistance in this regard. We strongly recommend following the given instructions with the provided sample virtual pest before converting your own virtual pest to applet format.

    You should upload your virtual pest to your website and provide its URL on your gradesheet.

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All work is to be submitted electronically via WebCT. It is suggested you complete your work early so that a TA can help you if you have difficulty with this process.

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You must compose all written material yourself, including answers to book questions. All material taken from outside sources must be appropriately cited. If you need assistance with this aspect of the assignment, see a consultant during consulting hours.

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