Lake Lonidaw, Pokagon State Park


 An Adventure Game Assignment

The approach I use when assigning an adventure game is to encourage students to write an "adventure engine" which has the basic commands implemented but the storyline is read in from data files. In this way one can write the program one time, then just create a new set of data files for each new adventure game. The best response to an adventure game assignment was "Escape to Pokagon," where students are asked to write an adventure simulation for the exploration of the park. A key component of the assignment is the use of extra credit. Students are only required to implement a base set of features; additional features (which usually require additional learning and effort) are worth additional points. A majority of the students will pursue some form of extra credit, and sometimes they can surprise you with their effort and creativity. It is strongly recommended that students approach this program in stages: first to just be able to read in and parse the data file, then a simple adventure engine that supports movement only, and finally the "full working" version which allows for the manipulation of objects, scoring, and so forth.
To make this assignment easy to adopt, a variety of resources are at your disposal. Copies of the assignment handouts are available in both Word and PDF format. In addition, source code for the assignment is available.

Pokagon Assignment: MS Word (506 KB) Adobe PDF (437 KB)
Extra Credit Handout: MS Word (22 KB) Adobe PDF (65 KB)
Sample Data Files: Room Data File Item Data File
Adventure Engine Code:
(note: header files and documentation are freely available; access to source code is restricted.)
  Full working version  
  Movement only  
  Room data file parser only  
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