Hurricane Irma Tracker


Download the starter zip file, and unzip to the directory of your choice.

Open the directory in PyCharm. You will see a Python file named In this file you will fill in the code to use the turtle module to create an animation of hurricane Irma's path. In the file are 2 functions, irma_setup and irma. You are NOT allowed to modify the irma_setup function. Your code is to be limited to the irma function.

In the irma_setup, the following are done for you:

In the starter zip file there is a file named irma.csv in the data directory. This data was scraped from,
last access 9/14/2017. This file contains data about hurricane Irma. Each line contains 6 columns separated by commas (thus the .csv file extension). The file can be opened directly in PyCharm or opened in Excel for a columnar view. The first line of the file describes what each column is. Here are the first 3 lines of the file, separated into their columns:

Date Time Lat Lon Wind Pressure
30-Aug 15:00 GMT 16.4 -30.3 50 1004
30-Aug 21:00 GMT 16.4 -31.2 60 1001

The only columns relevant to your code are Lat (the latitude), Lon (the longitude), and Wind (the wind speed in miles per hour).

Using the data in irma.csv, your irma function must show hurricane Irma's path. Your solution must include the following:

  1. Correctly show each point in the data file (together with lines between each point)
  2. At each point, you must display what category the storm is, if it has hurricane strength winds, otherwise, draw no text.
  3. Color code the hurricane strength:
  4. The thickness of the line should change in proportion to the hurricane category.


What to Submit

Submit your file as an attachment to this assignment.