Test Me Problem Index

Each of the below links leads to several versions of a given program. One of these versions works correctly, while the other three contain one or more bugs.  The goal is to test each version in order to determine which one is correct and what specific errors exist in the other three.


3 Sort    -    Three strings are given as input by the user.  The program then sorts the three strings in lexicographic order.

Rock, Paper, Scissors    -    Two players input a series of choices along with the number of games needed to win the round.  The program then reports whether or not either of the players won.

Dice    -    The user clicks a button to roll two dice.  The sum of the two dice is then reported.

Check Writer   -   The user gives a number between 0 and 999,999,999 (inclusive).  The program's output is a long string version of the number.  for example, if the user inputs '123' the program will output 'one hundred twenty three'.

Zulu   -   The user provides time in military (zulu) time.  The program then outputs the correct 12 hour format.

APFT   -   An implementation of the Army Physical Fitness Test.  The user enters scores for 3 different tests and the program tells him or her if they pass.