Option #3- GUI

winning game


Your assignment is to design and  implement your own GUI version of the minesweeper game.  Your program must have the equivalent functionality of the minesweeperGUI.java program demonstration in Option #2.  Name your program msGUI.java.  Your GUI must use an instance of the minesweeper class developed in Option#2.

Additional Requirements



Bonus #1
Add a “Level” menu that allows the user to select at least three different board sizes. (ie. beginner 9 by 9, intermediate 16 by 16,  expert 24 by 24)

Bonus #2
Add a timer to your GUI application.  The timer must start when the user begins a new game.  The timer must stop when the game is over i.e. “win” or “lose”

Turn in the files msGUI.java, minesweeper.java, and any supporting image and/or class files via e-mail.  Turn-in a printed program listing for all programs.