Instructor Notes

Java Version

All Java files were developed and tested using Java version 1.4.2_01

Option #1 - Static Methods and Array Processing

Additional methods could easily be added to Option #1 as additional static methods.  The methods to open and mark tiles or the methods to update the game status could be introduced at this point.


Option #2 - OOP

Option #2 is divided into two levels.  Level #1 focuses on creating the Mines and Tiles arrays, marking tiles, and creating a text representation for the game board.  Level #2 adds the complexity of updating the game status and changing the text representation when the game is win or lost.  Instructors may want to limit students to Level 1.

Level 2 Notes

markTile method changes
The status of the minesweeper game must be updated each time a tile is opened with the markTile method.  The markTile method must also only allow tiles to be changed while the game status is “play”. 

getBoard method changes
The getBoard method must be modified to respond to the status of the game.  When the game status is “lose” the character for a mine that triggers a loss must be returned as ‘!’.  The character for all remaining mines hidden or marked must be returned as ‘*’.  Tiles that were incorrectly marked as mines must be returned as ‘-‘.  When the game status is “win” the character for all mines hidden or marked must be returned as ‘F’.

gameWon method
The gameWon method returns true when the game is won.  The game is won when all tiles that do not hide mines are uncovered.


GUI test program
After testing each of your methods using text output, you can test your minesweeper class using a GUI test program.  The .class and image files for a GUI test program are provided.

Step 1 - Copy each of the following supporting GUI class and image files into the same directory as your minesweeper.class file

Step 2 - Run the GUI test program using your minesweeper.class

	java minesweeperGUI

Option #3 - GUI

Students may use the following image files or may be encouraged to create their own images.



Minesweeper Demo

A minesweeper demo program is provided as an executable .jar file. (minesweeperDemo.jar)

Step 1 - Copy the following jar file


Step 2
- Run the GUI demo

If you are using a GUI environment you may be able to double-click on the file minesweeperDemo.jar

If this does not work, type the following from the command line

        java -jar minesweeperDemo.jar