MCS 390-61->72 Fall 1998
Homework 4b -- Virtual Pests, Part b

Due Date: Friday, Nov. 20 4:30 PM
Late Due Date: Tuesday, Dec 1 4:30 PM


This is the second part of a two-part assignment. The requirements for the first part were for you to design a virtual pest and its behavior. The requirement for the second part is to add the described behavior using JavaScript functions and statements.


As discussed in class, you need to link your form elements to functions so that the values of the form elements may be transferred to the function for processing, then back to the form for display purposes. See the class lecture notes for more details on accomplishing this.


Using the table of behaviors you specified in Part a as a guide, translate these to the appropriate JavaScript commands and test them for correctness.



You must do this work yourself. If you need assistance with this aspect of the assignment, see a consultant during consulting hours. You are encouraged to seek any necessary help from other persons regarding how to use your computer and accompanying software, in accordance with the stated course policy.